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A Month of School Lunches

As the month of May wraps up I wanted to share with you an overview of the many school lunches my students ate this past month.  I can’t say that any of them were appealing and I’m most certain they can not be considered healthy.  Intentionally looking at what is being served to my students was eye opening and gave me ideas for how we can potentially see a change.  I am excited to work on these ideas, share them with other teachers and hopefully see our next generation become a generation of healthy people.

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School Lunches – May 6

Thanks for the great response on these posts!  I hope that if people can see what school lunches actually look like for a whole month, we can start to bring change.  Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting letters from my students asking Jamie Oliver for help bringing change to school lunches.

Breakfast today was a blueberry muffin…

And lunch was again the hamburgers…