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Ocean City Police Chase 5K

Our group is growing and we are racing again.  It has been over a month since the last race, even though it seems like a lot longer, but we are back!  We participated in the Ocean City 5K Police Chase and what a beautiful view as we ran…and no I am not talking about the police, I am talking about the Atlantic Ocean 🙂

Biggest disappoint of the race…we thought we were going to actually be chasing cops…no such luck!  There was one cop at the front of the race.  And he was on a motorcyle.  How is that even a fair competition?!?  He had motorized power.  We had just our two legs.  Not fair at all and needless to say, he won.

Epic fail of the race…we ended up starting at the front of the crowd.  Let me see if I can properly describe what happened when the starting gun went off…we were bum rushed by a crowd of people.  Yup, that pretty much describes it.  Crowds of people literally began in a sprint and we were in their way.  We all managed to stay on our feet but that was a scary start and needless to say, we will not be in the front of our next race!

Great moments of the race…we all finished the race, some of the girls set personal bests in a 5K, we got to race along the Atlantic Ocean, the weather was beautiful, we learned more about Students Run Philly Style, and our goody bags included some yummy Jersey shore caramel corn!

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