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Broad Street Run: Pre-Race

Yesterday we ran our first “big” race…and I’m proud to say that I finished!  However before we get into the actual race (coming in Wednesday’s post) let me give you a run-down of everything pre-race.

First off I am so proud to say that not only did we decide we wanted to run in the 2010 Broad Street Run, but we mapped out our training schedule and stuck to the schedule.  There were definitely times during the last couple of months where I wanted to just stay at home and skip a run, but now I am so glad that I didn’t!

The morning of the race we got up at 5:15am (that’s more than an hour before I normally get up, so that was early!) so that we could be up to the starting line on time.  And boy am I glad that we got there early.  I think it really helped make the whole experience to be there as the runners began streaming in to the warm-up area.  Arriving early also gave us the chance to scope out the runners.  Including…

-The runner in the neon green fan suit (seriously, you have to check out the link to follow appreciate what this guy was wearing)

-The runners in super hero costumes

-Runners who look like they have not bought new running clothes since I started kindergarten in the late ’80’s

And best of all it gave me the opportunity to be the first person to use a port-a-potty.  Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to use a port-a-potty at a race, but let me tell you…there is NOTHING pleasant about the experience.  But today I have to admit that I did feel a little better when I walked in my chosen port-a-potty and discovered the rolls of toilet paper had not even been unopened.  So while I still do not enjoy this experience, I have to admit that if you have to use one, this is the way to go!



My Bake Sale Contribution

Yesterday was an overall recap of the Bake Sale but today I wanted to share with you the item that I made for the sale.  A couple of months ago I purchased several purse cookie cuttters and have been waiting for the right time to try them out…and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  I have also been motivated lately to experiment with making my own fondant, so this seemed like a great time to try it again.

The first step was to bake the cookies.  I used a basic sugar cookie recipe and cut out the purse shapes before baking the cookies.  After the cookies had cooled completely I began the decorating process.

I made the frosting but I have found that it helps to wait to frost each cookie until I am ready to put the fondant on the cookie.  So before frosting the cookies I made and colored the fondant and cut out my circles.

To make the fondant, I microwaved 4 cups of marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water for about a minute until the marshmallows were all puffy.  I then stirred the marshmallows until they were smooth and then began to slowly add 4 cups of powdered sugar.  I stirred until the mixture became too difficult to stir and then transfered the mixture to a counter space dusted with powdered sugar.  Finally, I kneaded the mixture until it was no longer sticky, needing to add some powdered sugar to reach the smooth, non-sticky consistency. I divided up the fondant mixture so that I could make several different colors.

Before I show you the finished product I have to admit that I did not come up with these designs on my own.  I am a Thirty-One Gifts consultant and so I designed the cookies to look like two of the bags that I sell.  I have to say they look pretty close!

The Bake Sale is Here!

After weeks of planning the Philadelphia Food Bloggers Great American Bake Sale is here!  Stop by today between 10am-3pm at A Full Plate in Northern Liberties to purchase some yummy treats!

And as a small preview, even though I write a running blog I do enjoy baking and figured I should make a contribution to the sale even though I am not a food blogger.  So I thought I should somehow incorporate one of my loves…Thirty-One Gifts…and make cookies that match the purses!

Hope to see many of you today!


Mile Marker Musings Part 3

I know that I am not a meteorologist…BUT I had always assumed that if you set off running west and the wind is blowing at you head on, then when you turn back for the second half of your run and run east then the wind should be blowing from behind propelling you forward…NOT SO!!!  I would like to hear from a real meteorologist why this is so but I all I know is that one particularly windy run last week the run blew at us head on, both ways…in my opinion this is strange, very strange.

I need to invest in a running water bottle.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m blonde, but I CAN NOT unscrew a water bottle AND run at the same time… I just can’t.  So my choices are either run dehydrated or invest in a running water bottle…I think I’ll shell out the money and stay hydrated.

Coming this weekend…

Saturday, April 17th  – Philadelphia Food Bloggers Great American Bake Sale…this event is going to be amazing!  The list of food bloggers participating continues to grow and all of the food sounds delicious!  Stop by and support Share Our Strength by buying a baked treat between 10am-3pm at A Full Plate in Northern Liberties

Sunday, April 18th – Come Unity 6K Run – We are running to raise awareness for the need for water wells in Africa.  Women there walk a 6K each day to get water for their households, so we are running the 6K to represent that distance.