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Healthy Snack Lesson

If you followed the blog during the month of May you had the opportunity to step into a public school lunchroom on a daily basis and see exactly what our students are eating.  Your responses confirmed what I had been thinking for a while…what we are serving our kids is not okay.  I am still not 100% sure what the next steps are, but I do know that I would like to take my passions for healthy living and share those with my students.  And if other teachers do the same thing, we can actually make a difference.

So today I would like to share a fun and healthy lesson you can do with students in the classroom…or at home with your kids…or just on your own (because this is a yummy snack!)  We were fortunate enough to have someone from Eat. Right. Now, under the umbrella of the Food Trust, come out and do the lesson with my students.

My students had a great time and one of my favorite comments was when one of them yelled out “Yo…this is like health and math!”  Exactly!  Because while I think that educating students about nutrition and health is very imporant, the reality is that there are time constraints so combining health with another subject helps fit everything into the school day.

The lesson was on healthy snacks and we encouraged the students to choose snacks that are easy to make, have the different food groups represented and are delicious…and these quesadillas definitely fit the requirements!

Supplies Needed:

Whole Wheat Tortillas (grains group)
Black Beans (meat/protein group)
Red Pepper (vegetable group)
Salsa (fruit group…a bit of a stretch, but it works!)
Block of cheddar cheese (dairy group)
Cheese grater
Cutting Board
Paper Plates
Hand Sanitizer

Steps for making the quesadillas…

1. Smash the black beans into a paste with the fork and spread out across one of the tortillas.

2. Grate the cheese and sprinkle half of the grated cheese on top of the black bean paste.

3. Chop up the red pepper and add them on top of the cheese.

4. Spread out the salsa and then sprinkle with remaining cheese.

5. Place the second quesadilla on top and move to the griddle, flipping once the first side is browned.

6. The quesadilla is ready once both sides have browned and the cheese is melted.

Before serving the quesadillas a quick math lesson on fractions can be inserted by discussing how to cut up the quesadilla into enough pieces for everyone in the group…and then enjoy!

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