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Come Unity 6K Run

This past weekend we ran in our second race this year.  We participated in the Come Unity 6K Run for water.  The facts we learned at the race about the need for clean water in Africa were startling and it was eye-opening to fully comprehend that the distance we ran today is the distance that many women and children in Africa walk on a daily basis to get clean water for the families.  Money raised from the race helps to fund the building of new water wells in Africa.

As for the running aspect of the race…this race felt a lot better in terms of endurance than the race a month ago.  Even in just a month I can tell that I am able to run longer distances.  HOWEVER, one incredibly difficult aspect of the race were the hills on the course! The course started off with a big hill and then were several more smaller hills throughout the remainder of the course.

So lesson learned today…check out the race course before race day!

Race stats…
6K – 34:08 minutes – 25th place overall

Also, on a positive note…I think we’ve added a new member to the group…welcome Juli!  Glad you could run with us today