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Summer Running

Summer is here!!!  As a teacher those are three of my favorite words.  Beginning in about March the countdown to summer begins and when the big day arrives in June teachers everywhere celebrate their ten-or-so weeks of freedom.  Summer should mean the chance to sleep in…and yet the first day of summer found me rolling out of bed and lacing up my running shoes by 7am.  I would rather sleep in during the summer, BUT I have chosen to live somewhere this is hot AND humid for much of the summer and so that is not an option.  If we want to continue training, which we have to do for our upcoming races, we train early or we don’t.

And this week has been so hot that even though we go running at 7am we are still dripping with sweat by the end because of the weather.  I can handle heat, but humidity is a whole different beast…and not one that is kind to runners.  But our race dates grow closer and so we press on…and we hydrate.


Wanted: Running Costume

Next month we will be participating in the Philadephia Down & Dirty Run.  I am confident that we will be able to do the running part of the race…the obstacles I’m a little less sure about…Slick Mountain anyone?!?  And so we will spend the next month training to prepare ourselves for mud, hurdles and whatever else they will throw our way.

But, we have reached an obstacle in our training…the costume.  We recently discovered that we can wear costumes to this run and being the creative group that we are, how can we pass up the chance to dress up?!?  Now the question is what do we wear?  Our costumes need to still allow us to complete the run and obstacles (including the mud pit at the end), and yet be award-winning costumes.  The search is on to find the perfect costume, or set of costumes since there are several of us, and all ideas are welcome!

Thanks for your help in brainstorming and pictures will be sure to follow after the race!

Ocean City Police Chase 5K

Our group is growing and we are racing again.  It has been over a month since the last race, even though it seems like a lot longer, but we are back!  We participated in the Ocean City 5K Police Chase and what a beautiful view as we ran…and no I am not talking about the police, I am talking about the Atlantic Ocean 🙂

Biggest disappoint of the race…we thought we were going to actually be chasing cops…no such luck!  There was one cop at the front of the race.  And he was on a motorcyle.  How is that even a fair competition?!?  He had motorized power.  We had just our two legs.  Not fair at all and needless to say, he won.

Epic fail of the race…we ended up starting at the front of the crowd.  Let me see if I can properly describe what happened when the starting gun went off…we were bum rushed by a crowd of people.  Yup, that pretty much describes it.  Crowds of people literally began in a sprint and we were in their way.  We all managed to stay on our feet but that was a scary start and needless to say, we will not be in the front of our next race!

Great moments of the race…we all finished the race, some of the girls set personal bests in a 5K, we got to race along the Atlantic Ocean, the weather was beautiful, we learned more about Students Run Philly Style, and our goody bags included some yummy Jersey shore caramel corn!

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Training Update

The last week or so I’ve been suffering from a serious case of writers block.  I’m not sure if it is the hot temperatures, the fact that summer is imminent, or the fact that I am trying to find direction with the blog. I’ve still been running but I’ve been struggling to find the inspiration to write about the running.

But I digress, here is an update on our training…

Our next race is Saturday, June 12th and fortunately this race is a 5K so training wise I feel ready.  We ran six miles this weekend so we should be able to manage 3 miles for the race.

The real training is for the Philadelphia Down & Dirty race coming in July.  The race is a 10K so as long as we continue to run the 6 miles we’ll be ready for the distance…the twist is all the obstacles included in the race!  I don’t know what all will be included but I know there are five-foot hurdles, something called “slick mountain” and a mud pit.  We were told that we should be strength training to prepare so now several days a week Jillian Michael’s kicks my butt with her 30 Day Shred.

And so we press forward and continue training…and hopefully I’ll break out of this writer’s block soon!

p.s. More is coming as a follow-up to the school lunch series

Broad Street Run: Pre-Race

Yesterday we ran our first “big” race…and I’m proud to say that I finished!  However before we get into the actual race (coming in Wednesday’s post) let me give you a run-down of everything pre-race.

First off I am so proud to say that not only did we decide we wanted to run in the 2010 Broad Street Run, but we mapped out our training schedule and stuck to the schedule.  There were definitely times during the last couple of months where I wanted to just stay at home and skip a run, but now I am so glad that I didn’t!

The morning of the race we got up at 5:15am (that’s more than an hour before I normally get up, so that was early!) so that we could be up to the starting line on time.  And boy am I glad that we got there early.  I think it really helped make the whole experience to be there as the runners began streaming in to the warm-up area.  Arriving early also gave us the chance to scope out the runners.  Including…

-The runner in the neon green fan suit (seriously, you have to check out the link to follow appreciate what this guy was wearing)

-The runners in super hero costumes

-Runners who look like they have not bought new running clothes since I started kindergarten in the late ’80’s

And best of all it gave me the opportunity to be the first person to use a port-a-potty.  Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to use a port-a-potty at a race, but let me tell you…there is NOTHING pleasant about the experience.  But today I have to admit that I did feel a little better when I walked in my chosen port-a-potty and discovered the rolls of toilet paper had not even been unopened.  So while I still do not enjoy this experience, I have to admit that if you have to use one, this is the way to go!


Mile Marker Musings Part 5

A couple of quick running thoughts this beautiful Friday morning…

I need to find a way to schedule in running time in my schedule.  This week has been crazy with my second job and grad school and I simply haven’t had as much time for running as I would like.  If ayone has suggestions for fitting in training runs I would love to hear those!

And the Broad Street Run is coming in just two days!  I’m excited for race day and feel like although we’ve already run two races this is our first really big race.  What does 30,000 racers look like?  How do 30,000 racers start a race at the same time and not trip all over each other?  At the end of the race how do you find the friends that also ran the race?  How early before the race do you need to get there?  So many questions about the big day.

Have a great Friday and I’ll be posting a Broad Street Run review and photos early next week!  And stay tuned next week for some more fun posts!

The Countdown is On!

Well, the Broad Street Run is now officially less than a week away and so the final preparations are now underway…

1. Get bib number.

Check. I am bib number 12411

2. Run final long run of 8 miles.

Check. Kim and I did our 8 mile run last Thursday.

3. Select race day outfit.

Check. I figured out which outfit I run comfortably in and since I’ve already learned my lesson about running in a new outfit I’m sticking with something I know works for me.  (See my post on A Hot Mess on how I learned that lesson!)

4. Pick up race packet at the Runners Expo.

Heading down there Friday afternoon.

4. Eat pre-race pasta dinner.

Still trying to figure this one out…

The plan this week is to do a couple of short runs, nothing over four miles, and start mentally preparing for race day…I can do it.  I can do it.  I can do it.