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Summertime Giveaways!

I love free stuff! Have I said that before?!?  I probably have, but I say it again because I mean it…I love free stuff!  And so I share with you some more giveaways that I have found and entered…

We Are THAT Family is giving away luxury items from Goat Milk Stuff…I will be ordering the Cucumber Melon soap very soon!

Family Fresh Cooking is giving away a copy of Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids…all you need to do is become a Facebook fan and leave a comment…and I highly recommend becoming a fan because the recipes on FFC are delicious!


Giveaways…more of the free stuff!

Here a couple more giveaways I wanted to pass along…

The first is on a site I recently discovered…We Are That Family…and the giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate to Wild Olive…check out their tees…I can’t wait to order mine!  Go to the giveaway page for details on how to enter the giveaway.

The other giveaway comes from Dashing Dish…there are so many great products in the prize pack that I can’t even list them all, but there are workout dvds, seasonings, snacks and so much more!  Head over to the giveaway page to enter for this great prize.

Good luck!

Giveaways…more free stuff!

And the free stuff just keeps coming! Here are a couple more giveaways that I entered and wanted to pass along.

My Kitchen Addiction is giving away a grill courtesy of Sam’s Club.  Yup, you read that right…a grill!  And it’s not even a miniature camping grill…it’s a full size red patio grill.  Check out the post and leave a comment about what you most like to grill to be entered into the drawing. is giving away 25 copies of Jackie Warner‘s book “This is Why You’re Fat”  To enter you need to post a question for Jackie to answer by June 6, 2010.  Jackie is going to select 25 questions to answer and if yours is one of them, you’ll win a copy of the book!

Family Fresh Cooking is giving away this cool lunchbox system from  The system helps you pack a healthy lunch that has a main dish and two sides.  There are quite a few ways to enter this giveaway so check out the post for more details!

Which of these giveways are you most excited about and why?

Giveways…I love free stuff!

As a new addition to the blog last week, I posted links to several giveaways that I had entered because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff?!?

Last week one of the giveaways I mentioned was an Avocado Goodie Bag from Family Fresh Cooking, and guess what?  I won!!!  Once I get my prize I’ll be sure to post some pics so you can see the goodies I won.

And now without further ado, here are some new giveaways that I’ve entered…

* Official Review is giving away a Jayson Werth t-shirt from Cheesesteak Tees.  I’ve won one of their t-shirts before and they are pretty amazing!  To enter you need to either LIKE them on facebook or retweet the following message on Twitter

“RT @officialreview Free Shirt! The NEW Werth T-Shirt from CheesesteakTees! RT/like on Facebook to win! #Free #Phillies”

* Family Fresh Cooking is doing another giveaway this week (this is the site I won on last week!).  This time the giveaway is Newman’s Own chocolate bars and cups…and seriously who can resist chocolate?!?  I actually have no idea why I’m passing along the link to this giveaway because I’m not really sure I want to encourage others to enter because then my chances of winning are decreased.  But enter quickly because the giveaway ends tonight!

Good luck to all of you!


A girl can hope and dream that someday her blog grows to the point where people want to sponsor giveaways on my blog, but since I’m not there yet I thought I would share with you a couple of great giveaways that I found.  And it should be noted that by sharing these giveaways with you I am decreasing my chances of winning all of these giveaways which I believe makes me a very unselfish person 🙂

And now on to the giveaways…

Family Fresh Cooking is doing a California Avocado Goodies & Too Hot Tamales Cookbook giveaway with lots of great avocado products, restaurant gift cards and a cookbook! (Giveaway ends tonight at midnight!)

Big Red Kitchen is doing a Pasta Party Goodie Bag giveaway that includes a pasta maker!  And I can’t praise homemade pasta enough…it simply is ten times better than anything you’ll be in a box at the store! (Giveaway ends tomorrow, May 5th)

One Day at a Time is doing a Bottle of Faux Tan giveaway from Bare Escentuals I used to go the tanning salon but after fully realizing how unhealthy it is I can’t wait to try this product.  (Giveaway ends Thursday, May 6th)