Summer Running

Summer is here!!!  As a teacher those are three of my favorite words.  Beginning in about March the countdown to summer begins and when the big day arrives in June teachers everywhere celebrate their ten-or-so weeks of freedom.  Summer should mean the chance to sleep in…and yet the first day of summer found me rolling out of bed and lacing up my running shoes by 7am.  I would rather sleep in during the summer, BUT I have chosen to live somewhere this is hot AND humid for much of the summer and so that is not an option.  If we want to continue training, which we have to do for our upcoming races, we train early or we don’t.

And this week has been so hot that even though we go running at 7am we are still dripping with sweat by the end because of the weather.  I can handle heat, but humidity is a whole different beast…and not one that is kind to runners.  But our race dates grow closer and so we press on…and we hydrate.



  1. It’s been hot here in Detroit as well. The earlier the better for training runs. If I don’t get out by 7am it’s probably not going to happen. It’s supposed to cool down this week (70’s) so I’m excited to turn my air off!

  2. Salah Said:

    Good luck with all the running!!!!

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