School Lunches – May 11

It’s that time of day again where lunch is served!  And for us today that meant Salisbury Steak, corn and mashed potatoes.

Now that we are almost halfway through the month-long project to look at just what exactly is being served in school lunches, can you share this with others because the first step to change is raising awareness?

And a letter to Jamie Oliver from one of my students…

Dear Jamie Oliver,
What are we eating these days at school? I mean it’s like they don’t want us to eat!  The first problem is our food’s temperature.  Another problem is our food’s taste.
The first problem is our food’s temperature. One example of that is the fruit cups we receive that have ice in them.  Another example is our sandwiches are really cold and the final example is the pizza is sometimes icy cold.
Another problem is the food’s taste.  The first example is the sandwiches that taste like everything else but what it’s supposed to taste like. Another example is the garlic bread and breakfast that don’t taste good at all.
Those are two of the problems with our food, and the examples. Hopefully you can help us.



  1. Roxy Said:

    That’s a TV dinner! That’s unreal! Kids should start packing, parents need educated on packing healthy lunches. My kids and I are working on it because of the crap they get served at school.

  2. megan Said:

    wow that is crazy. I just went and read all your lunch picture posts and it’s really sad. And I remember eating stuff like this not too long ago! Keep it up, I really think if people see this, something will happen!

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