School Lunches – May 10

We are now a week into this month-long project to raise awareness about the food served to students in school.  My hope is that by the end of the month not only will more people be aware of what our kids are actually eating, but we can begin to bring change for our kids.

Last week definitely served up some interesting food…chili, hamburgers, meatballs and meat sandwiches.  Today’s lunch fits right in with that list…pizza.

And here is another letter from one of my students to Jamie Oliver explaining why there needs to be a change…

Dear Jamie Oliver,

Why should we suffer from school lunch that is cold and old? Sometimes the food is overcooked or undercooked. Finally, I think we should get better lunches because it isn’t always enough food for all the students.

Sometimes the lunch is overcooked or undercooked. The meat on the patties is red and looks very nasty. Another example, is that the peas and mashed potatoes are cold and hard. Finally, the juice is sometimes hot.

Last but not least, I think we should get better lunches because there isn’t always enough for all of the students. I say this because when we have chicken nuggets there aren’t enough, so everybody that’s left gets a little package with a cold meat stick and crackers. However, many of the students don’t get juice because there aren’t enough and kids are thirsty.

The bottom line is we need a change.



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  1. Roxy Said:

    All these lunches you show and letters from the kids look and sound like the lunches in the Pittsburgh Public Schools as well. It’s a shame that this is what our kids eat. Because of the Food Revolution however my kids are packing most every day and eating so much better!

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