School Lunches – May 7

Here is a look at today’s food…

Breakfast was a biscuit and sausage sandwich…

Lunch was a meat sandwich…

As promised, here is a letter from one of my students asking for change with their school lunches…

Dear Jamie Oliver,

What are we eating in school these days?  One day I went down to lunch and our lunch lady handed me a lunch. I looked at it and said ,”Wow” I didn’t even know what it was. It was mushy and it looked moldy. I threw it in the trash because it was garbage! I want to tell you four reasons why we desperately need new lunches.

One reason is its not at all healthy. We are young and we need healthy food for our body. Not only is our food disgusting but its fattening. We get served food such as meatball sandwiches, muffins, and spaghetti. It may sound good but wait till you see it. You’ll want to throw up. I think that if we got healthier lunches more kids would be in shape. Everybody wants to eat healthy but how can us as kids eat healthy when we are getting served trash? Its nowhere near healthy and is so nasty we don’t even want to look at it.

Another reason we need new lunches is because of the temperature of the food. If we get nuggets which are supposed to be hot then they are cold. If we get sandwiches which are supposed to be cold then there hot, it’s a big disgrace. We get fruit cups for lunch and they are frozen. How are we suppose to eat frozen fruit? We get breakfast like waffles  and they are mushy. You could eat them with no teeth that’s how soft they are! The kids shouldn’t have to eat this food. We are in school 7 hours a day. We should be able to come to school and get a good meal instead of starving yourself all day and having to wait until you get home to eat some real food.

The third reason we need better lunches is because our food is expired. Do they want to kill us? I was  eating cereal and the milk was sour. I thought it was just me. Then a friend complained about the same thing so we didn’t eat breakfast that day. If you’re going to give us food, they should make sure its not old. We eat food that people wouldn’t even feed to animals. Our food should be something we enjoy eating, but we’re not enjoying this at all!

The last reason is we don’t even know what lunch we’re being served. When we see the food kids look at it and are like what is this? They say its a English muffin with cheese but it look like soggy bread with milk. We have chicken Parmesan but it scares me I wouldn’t eat it if it was the last thing on earth. We have pizza that’s burnt and chicken that’s not all the way done.   Do you agree when we say it’s time for a change?




  1. allison Said:

    everything comes in a bag! that is seriously the most disgraceful thing ive ever seen! pre-package food with preservatives, high cals, high fat. the list goes on. these children are not in prison.

    they go to school to learn important things for the rest of their lives.
    they go to PE to learn to stay fit
    they go to lunch to be served this crap

  2. allison Said:

    and WHAT is a meat sandwich? gag

  3. Roxy Said:

    That meat looks horrid! It’s making me sick just looking at it. The sad part is… what is it?????????

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