A girl can hope and dream that someday her blog grows to the point where people want to sponsor giveaways on my blog, but since I’m not there yet I thought I would share with you a couple of great giveaways that I found.  And it should be noted that by sharing these giveaways with you I am decreasing my chances of winning all of these giveaways which I believe makes me a very unselfish person 🙂

And now on to the giveaways…

Family Fresh Cooking is doing a California Avocado Goodies & Too Hot Tamales Cookbook giveaway with lots of great avocado products, restaurant gift cards and a cookbook! (Giveaway ends tonight at midnight!)

Big Red Kitchen is doing a Pasta Party Goodie Bag giveaway that includes a pasta maker!  And I can’t praise homemade pasta enough…it simply is ten times better than anything you’ll be in a box at the store! (Giveaway ends tomorrow, May 5th)

One Day at a Time is doing a Bottle of Faux Tan giveaway from Bare Escentuals I used to go the tanning salon but after fully realizing how unhealthy it is I can’t wait to try this product.  (Giveaway ends Thursday, May 6th)


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