A Look at School Lunches – May 3

In the last month or so I have been able to catch a couple of episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I have also, for I believe the first time ever, been able to keep my New Year’s health resolutions past my birthday in March.  These two factors combined have left me in the pursuit of creating as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

But there seems to be one area in my life where unhealthiness abounds and that is at work.  You see, I am a middle school teacher in a public school and the food I see my students consume makes me cringe.  I wince when I see them walk in to my classroom in the morning with little black bags from the corner store because I know that inevitably, processed products that are high in sugar and fat will come tumbling out.  And never mind the food they are served daily in the lunchroom.

And then I saw a tweet from Jamie Oliver…

Hi guys if any of U C anything crazy about the food we feed our kids or our selfs tweet me so i can retweet. i may be coming back soon jox

To which I responded…

@jamie_oliver I can send you a picture daily of the food served in the school where I teach because that food is crazy!

And then the best part…he responded!  Now it doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face…a quiet afternoon, a beautiful sunrise, a phone call with my grandma and now…a tweet from Jamie Oliver!

@JDenouden great idea do a blog like that lady from nyc it was great ! jo x

And so an idea was born.  What if for one month I could show pictures of what these students are really eating?  If people read about and saw the actual food, could that possibly bring about change?  What will take for our kids to eat healthier?

I should start Mon w/ a month of school food RT @jamie_oliver : @JDenouden great idea do a blog like that lady from nyc it was great ! jo x

And so today is the first school day in May and here is a picture of what tumbled out of one of my students’ little black bags.  Yes, this is his breakfast.

And here is lunch…

And for today, I think I won’t comment on the food, but instead just let the picutres speak for themselves.



  1. Dave Wakeman Said:

    These meals are insane. What Borough are you in? Neighborhood?

    I’ve worked with organizations and programs throughout the City to help fight childhood obesity and you can’t win that battle if this is what the kids are getting served.

  2. It’s ridiculous that the general population as well as the school boards themselves think this is ok. How about making it required that THEY eat it too?? LOL!! It would be changed PRONTO, I betcha! If they had to eat it too, things would be drastically different.

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