Mile Marker Musings Part 5

A couple of quick running thoughts this beautiful Friday morning…

I need to find a way to schedule in running time in my schedule.  This week has been crazy with my second job and grad school and I simply haven’t had as much time for running as I would like.  If ayone has suggestions for fitting in training runs I would love to hear those!

And the Broad Street Run is coming in just two days!  I’m excited for race day and feel like although we’ve already run two races this is our first really big race.  What does 30,000 racers look like?  How do 30,000 racers start a race at the same time and not trip all over each other?  At the end of the race how do you find the friends that also ran the race?  How early before the race do you need to get there?  So many questions about the big day.

Have a great Friday and I’ll be posting a Broad Street Run review and photos early next week!  And stay tuned next week for some more fun posts!


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