Mile Marker Musings Part 4

I didn’t get to do near as much running as I had hoped this past week due to the Bake Sale, our race last weekend and some rainy weather, but we are now just about one week away from the Broad Street Run and I have to admit I’m feeling nervous. I know we’ve been training for this for months but in the back of my mind there is this little feeling that I when push comes to shove I won’t be able to do it.  I need to shake this feeling because the truth is we’ve done the training…and we’re ready.

Yesterday was an 8-mile run and on a scale of 1-10…

1 being I would rather curl up on my bed and take a nap

10 being I’ve been counting down the minutes all day until we could start this run

I was at about a -3!

And that is when I remember all of these girls I’ve been training with the last several months.  I may not want to run but they push me to get out there when I don’t want to and today I was so grateful for that because we did it…we did the whole 8 miles!

And now up for debate…

As Kim and I approached mile 6 we realized our running path was going to collide right into a 5K race…and so when we hit their turnaround point we jumped in and started running.  We didn’t run as fast as many of the racers (but then again they were on miles 2 and 3 while we were on miles 7 and 8 ) but we did cross the finish line…so does this count as a completed race?!?

In other thoughts, Cecily shared this after a recent run and wanted to pass her musings along…

My biggest thing is mental like I said before.  I really noticed especially recently that my day and how I feel emotionally and spiritually will directly affect how my running goes.  Even if I tell myself I can do it, if I’m already drained from the events before that all I can do is walk or stop.  So being healthy on all ends is necessary to achieve goals.  I can run through the pain usually and I can run through tiredness but being drained is a whole different story because it’s not physical tiredness is emotional, mental, and spiritual.


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  1. Sheila Said:

    fun coincidence. i probably wouldn’t count it as a completed race but i am pretty addicted to rules and regulations. i’d say it’s a personal choice. if you’re always going to question it, then just don’t count it. you can each make your own decision on that 🙂

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