A run without an Ipod

This weekend we were scheduled to do a 7-mile run.  We are just three short weeks away from the Broad Street Run so we are slowly working our way towards running those 10-miles.  Kim, Sara and I met up to go running and after we were at the trail and ready to run I was suddenly struck by a terrible thought…I had left my Ipod at home.  The thought of running 7-miles without an Ipod was similar to how I feel when it’s time to give blood…absolute and utter dread.  How would I possibly run that far without music?  Only listening to the sound of my breathing, the cars passing by and my feet pounding the pavement.

Well, not only did I survive but we ran 7-1/2 miles.  And even better…it was AMAZING!  I finished that run and I was struck by how much I really enjoy running.  My life is crazy busy…grad school, two jobs, volunteering, the list goes on, but when I lace up my shoes and set out on a run I get a break from it all.  Granted when I get back the emails and texts have piled up, but while I’m out there I don’t have to try and multi-task like I do the rest of my day…for that hour I get to simply run.  And it is for that reason that my run without the ipod was my best run in months.

Side note…trying to figure out if P90X would be a good investment…


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  1. Sheila Said:

    know someone who did p90x and he swears by it. haven’t done it myself, but i’d be interested in trying it. want me to make the investment first?

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