Mile Marker Musings Part 2

I have discovered as we run that we think about so many different things.  Some of them are totally random, some make sense, and some are just downright bizarre.  Sharing all of our random musings seems like a good way to wrap up the week…

Me (Julie)…This week I learned that I run with my left fist open and right fist clenched.  I have no idea why but I know that the result is a sweaty, clammy right palm…and that’s annoying.

Janelle…ugh!  I wish I had new knees like Jamie Summers from the Bionic Woman.  Ok, I just dated myself because some of you have no idea what I’m talking about.  I’m just thankful that I can still run or I should say walk really fast.

Sara…It is really hot out when we run and it is just going to get hotter…bikers scare me…enjoying admiring God’s creation!…I like running in the winter because you can always add clothes but summer means just being hot.

I couldn’t agree more with Sara’s last thought…in the winter if you throw on a couple of layers and start running you’ll be warm up and be fine.  This time of year is a whole different story!  There are only so many layers you can take off and it’s just downright hot.  I may have complained some about having to bundle up in the winter to go running but that was only because we hadn’t yet trained in the summer.  Next December if I start whining, someone remind me of today’s post!

Side note…today’s run is supposed to be 7 miles.  I’m hoping it doesn’t run because the Broad Street Run (the 10-mile race we’re training for) is in just three weeks!

Coming Monday…Updated details on the Philly Food Bloggers Bake Sale…you’ll definitely want to check out some of the blogs that will be participating!


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