Runner’s Diet

This post is really more of a work in progress than a summary of what has already happened.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about wanting to run smarter.  I wasn’t sure what all this entailed but I knew that in order to continue increasing our training we were going to have to get smarter about how we were going about this…knowing how to strength train, what to eat, when to eat, the best workout gear, etc.

Sara found this great article detailing a Runner’s Diet.  Essentially, according to the runners diet, 50% of the calories consumed in a day need to come from carbohydrates, 25% need to come from protein and 25% need to come from fats.  Each meal does not have to be distributed in the same way but the calories in a day need to be distributed according to those percentages.  And so we begin.   We’ve sat down and made a chart and cards to help us track what foods we should be eating, when we should be eating them and what foods we’ve actually eaten.

Implementing this will be a process.  We will not be successful overnight, nor will this be easy and yet I believe that it will be well worth the effort. As we figure out how this diet works I’ll keep the blog updated with our progress.

p.s. I still love baking and cooking so all of the great recipes that I find on my favorite blogs to try out will simply need to find homes willing to take them…this could be good news for many of my friends!



  1. healthy cook Said:

    i think its quite hard to maintain that ratio, it’ll take a lot of planning

  2. Kim Moucha Said:

    it may be difficult but i am soo up for the challenge.. it’s great to have a break down of what we should be eating.. bring on the hard work and planning! if anyone can do it, it’s us!

  3. Sheila Said:

    i am willing to eat whatever you bake/cook that doesn’t fit in your new diet. can you send that by priority mail please?

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