Phillies Phanatic Scavenger Hunt

I love running.  I really do, but you should know that even more than running I love baseball.  More specifically I love the Philadelphia Phillies.  Today is opening day for the Phillies of the 2010 baseball season and I am excited about what this season has in store.  So combining my love of baseball and running, I have discovered a way to make my runs through the city more interesting.

When I was out running last week I saw a huge Penske truck unloading what looked to be a statue of the Phillies famous mascot the Phanatic.  I did some inquiring and found out that the Phillies have a great project this season…Phanatic Around Town! The Phillies have put up twenty Phanatic statues throughout the city decorated my local artists and representing the locations where the statues have been erected.

And so I begin a journey while I’m training for all of these races…to find all 20 of the statues.

Here I am with the first one at Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row…only 19 left!  If you find a statue let me know so I can set off running to check it out!



  1. Sheila Said:

    Great idea! but what the heck is a Phanatic?

  2. Cliff Lentz Said:

    You can find my phanatic (P. Phanatic: Star Voyager) in front of the Philadelphia Library main Branch just across from the Franklin Institute where you will find the Ben Franklin Phanatic as well.

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