Mile Marker Musings

I have found that as we run and pass mile marker after mile marker (we do pass many now that we are into the longer runs!)  we have a lot of thoughts going through our heads…

While I was running I thought that it would be nice if I made my students Easter baskets.  Nothing big and fancy, since it is a whole class of students, but just a little something fun…aren’t these baskets cute?!?

And here are some thoughts from Sara (a great training buddy!)…I have decided that the nicer it is outside the more I don’t like to run in the gym because it is hotter.  Also and most importantly it is vital that I have clean shaven legs at all times so that you do not have to wear pants which makes running inside 10xs hotter!

Also, a quick update on the Philadelphia Food Bloggers Bake Sale which is now only a couple of weeks away on Saturday, April 17.  We are still looking for bakers so let me know if you’re interested.  I also wanted to share with you the sites of a couple of the girls that will be baking for the event…I’m confident once you see their sites you won’t be able to resist coming out to the event!

Sabrina from RhodeyGirl Tests

Taylor from Mac & Cheese


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