Come Unity

With our first race under our belts it is now time to look forward to our next race.  Just as we ran in the 5K for a cause our next race is for an equally important cause.  On April 18th we will be participating in the Come Unity 6K!

March 22nd was World Water Day and communities in Africa were able to celebrate with the new equipment they received to help provide clean water.  The Come Unity organization provided the funds to build two water wells in Africa.  Probably the most common question about this race is “Why a 6K and not just a regular 5K?”  Many women in Africa have to walk the distance of a 6K on daily basis to get clean water for their families.  Imagine not being able to turn on the kitchen faucet to get a drink of clean water but first needing to walk nearly 4 miles!  And that is why we are running.  To help raise awareness of the situation in Africa and to raise money to help build more wells so that these women do not have to walk the 6K to get water for their households.

If you’re interested in joining us and running the 6K check out the online registration HERE.


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  1. Cecily Said:

    I love Africa although I’ve never been and I’m excited to run for the cause. Thinking about going that distance for water is scary because when we run it we will need to be hydrated to finish.

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