A Fresh Start

Opening day of baseball is quickly approaching and I am excited about the first pitch of the season!  On the first day of the season every team carries high expectations and hopes that this year will be the year.  Fans enter stadiums believing that this will be the season where players have breakthrough years and their teams make it to the Fall Classic.

Opening day of baseball represents the fresh start that I constanty crave.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like teaching, we get a brand new start at work every September.  My classroom smells of newly sharpened pencils and the desks wait for the new students that will fill the seats that year.  A fresh start erases the mistakes I’ve made and lets me strive for reaching new goals.

There are so many other ways to find these fresh starts and this week I found that new beginning in running.  I recently invested in a new pair of running shoes and this week was their debut run.  I laced up my new Saucony Grid Excursions and set out for a light 4-mile run (as a side note I like that I can now call a 4-mile run ‘light’)  WOW…it was like running on air!  I can not believe the difference the new pair of shoes made.  They were so light and gave me a spring in my stride.  The shoes renewed my love of running…and made me want to stock up on these shoes so that I can pull out a fresh pair every couple of months and get this feeling again!

This weekend I’m setting out on a 6-mile run and look forward to the next race in April.


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  1. Lauren Said:

    Nice work on the Saucony’s. I believe the Grid’s are what i have owned 3 pairs of and am about to buy another. I rant 4 times last week. and already got back out there on Sunday. I only tell you this b/c I am proud of myself. 🙂

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