Running Smart

As we gear up for this Sunday’s race (and continue training for other races this year) we have kicked around the idea of challenging ourselves to run a race in every state.  This would be a huge undertaking, but this would be big.  And this is definitely something we could be proud of accomplishing.

That being said I realized today as I was running that I need to start running smarter.  Over the last three months I have fallen in love with running and I think if I want to continue pushing myself further I need to start educating myself.  I need to get my hands on books, blogs, trainers, products and other resources that will teach me how to maximize my efforts and help me to do so.  This might be a big task but I’m excited to start learning and finding answers to the many questions that I have.

What is the best way to hydrate before, during and after running?
What foods should I be eating to properly fuel before runs and replenish after runs?
What shoes will give me the best support?
How do I also incorporate weight training into my training?



  1. Sheila Said:

    i’ve heard the best things to have after a long run are either a glass of chocolate mild or a banana with peanut butter. works for me! 🙂

  2. Sheila Said:

    obviously you should have chocolate MILK rather than MILD…oops 🙂

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