A Hot Mess

I have been teaching middle school for five years now and there is one phrase that has remained the same through hundreds of students…a hot mess.  I have spent the last five years trying to figure out what exactly my students meant when they used this particular phrase.  Did it refer to the way that another student was dressing?  Did it refer to the behavior of a classmate?  Or did it refer to the style of their hair?  Despite my best efforts to define this common phrase I was never able to completely articulate what it meant to call someone a “hot mess”

And then I went running today and realized I no longer needed to search for the definition, I was the definition.  Take a picture of me today and you could put that snapshot right there in the dictionary next to “hot mess.”  You see this afternoon’s temperature was in the mid 60’s so I thought it would be a great idea to wear running shorts and short sleeves.

Problem one: Pasty white legs. It has been winter for the last three-and-a-half months and so my legs have not seen the sun since November.  I am going to chalk up the near run in with one biker to the fact that he was blinded by the sun reflecting off my oh-so-white legs.

Problem two: My running shorts don’t fit properly.  Meaning that no matter how tight I tied them they rode up.  So there I was running through Center City with my shorts above my belly button.

Problem three: My shirt didn’t lay right.  I tried out a new dry fit shirt and all the shirt did the whole run was creep up (oh and it did wick away the sweat)

So there I was running downtown with pasty white legs, shorts up past my belly button and a shirt that didn’t even meet the top of my shorts.  And the great part is that when you run downtown past all those beautiful picture windows you can glance over and see what a mess you are while you run!

Not only did I truly learn the true meaning of a “hot mess” today, I also learned several lessons  about running…
– It is important to not wear new clothes on the day of the race…it was my first time wearing the outfit described above and had this been a race day, that would have been very distracting
– I need to research, and then invest in, good running gear…shoes, ipod holder, device for carrying water, a way to hold my keys, etc.
– Updating my running playlist is crucial to having good runs in the future
– Stretching is important.  Stretching is important.  Stretching is important.

p.s. our first race is in just four days!



  1. Evie DenOuden Said:

    you are too funny

  2. Kim Moucha Said:

    It was quite a sight to be running behind you too. lol! i blame the shirt portion on me.. soo sorry!!

  3. Lauren Said:

    I don’t want to sound, at all, like i know all kinds of things about running but I feel your pain on most of these items. Here are some things that work for me. I have dry-fit type stuff that is Champion (Target). As long as it is not too fitted it doesn’t ride. I have a red shirt that looks cute in the beginning of the run and then drive me nuts as it shows my belly button. booo As for keys, I take my outside and apartment key and tie them to my shoe lace with a double knot. In the winter I wear a vest over my windbreak and put them in there or a little hidden pocket in my running gloves. The white legs we all have to endure. 😦 But… the sun is returning! I think your new found love of running is exciting. I’ve been getting back otu there about 3 times a week. It’s been good for the soul.

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