Movie set or training run

Disclaimer 1: To my mom…since you live 3000 miles away and can’t check on me yourself do not read this post, it might worry you and cause sleepless nights

Disclaimer 2: Kim and I are both alive and we have all of our appendanges still intact

Wednesday afternoon Kim and I set out for a four mile run through the streets of Philadelphia.  As we set out on our course we had no idea of the dangers that were ahead.  The run began nicely enough…gorgeous weather (read: no layers needed), most of the snow piles gone and enough energy to tackle the task ahead.  And then we hit Center City.

And as we ran we found ourselves leaping over luggage being wheeled down the street by pedestrians, dodging around teenagers out for an afternoon stroll after school (translation: kids walking around with their heads down while they text) and narrowly missing bike messengers careening down the street.  By mile two we looked more like two of Charlie’s Angels running through the streets than two regular Philly teachers.  There were cars to dodge, friends to avert who had a sudden urge to stop in the middle of the sidewalk and strike up a conversation and doors to avoid as shoppers stepped out from an afternoon of shopping.

The advantage of all of these obstacles is that we did not face boredom on our run and the run served as preparation for our Down and Dirty run in July.  But on Saturday we’ll probably be back to our peaceful runs along the river 🙂


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