Run 5 miles, check.

Today was our longest training running ever…actually I think it is the farthest I have EVER run.  Physically by the end of the five miles I was still doing pretty good (although injuries are starting to plague the girls…maybe we need to find someone in sports medicine interested in sponsoring our runs!), but mentally I was beat.  Mentally that run was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

I spent the last half mile telling myself I could make it to the end, over and over again.

And the quarter mile before that was spent trying to see how many times I could count to 100…for the record after three times I remembered why I’m an English teacher

And the quarter mile before that I argued with myself about whether the fact that these runs are going to help ensure a great bathing suit was a good enough reason to keep going.

And the half mile before that I mulled over the fact that while I was very appreciatve of the fact that it was finally warm enough to run without donning multiple layers the reality was that running in 50 degree temperatures was making me hot and so I tried to figure out how we’re going to survive runs in the heat of a Philadelphia summer.

But in the the half mile before that I actually did some serious reflection.  A year ago at this time I didn’t have enough energy to stay awake past 8pm and I cut out nearly everything from my life except work and basic necesseties.  I spent time in the emergency room, the oncologist’s office, the hematologist’s office and in the lab getting blood work done.  After months of this I had surgery and began recovering.  Then last December I ended up in the hospital because air was leaking out of my lungs and I had air pockets in my chest cavity.  Health wise 2009 was a difficult year and yet here I am today, running five miles and it hit me, prayer works.

So while this run was mentally challenging, and at times I was actually bored, I’m thankful I could run the whole five miles.

…And I’m getting a new playlist on my ipod because maybe some new music will spice things up and I won’t be as bored when I run!


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  1. Kim Moucha Said:

    Don’t forget the 1/4 mile that was designated to praying for our future husbands… 🙂

    Prayer works! Pray for a healed ankle for me!

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