Just do it

Today was one of those days at work that just seemed to drag on and on.  I think it’s partly because due to all the snow and holidays we’ve had in the last month or so this is the first full week I’ve had of work in quite some time!  Whatever the reason I wasn’t really in the mood to go running this afternoon, but our training schedule calls so I laced up my shoes and hit the trail running.

We all have days like that where we just don’t feel like running, or working out, but here are some of the reasons we’ve come up with to fight against all the excuses we have for not running…

1) Bathing suit season is 4 months away
2) I have a box filled with clothing that I want to fit back into
3) I will feel sooo much better afterwards
4) Running rids me of stress from the day
5) Running clears my mind
6) I will stick to the training schedule
7) I have PHENOMENAL women alongside of me that are pushing and encouraging me
8 ) It will make the upcoming races so much easier
9) It’s beautiful out there!
10) If she’s doing, so will I!
11) Wearing my favorite bathing suit again!
12) Looking good in summer clothes!
13) Feeling healthy and strong
14) Less distracting prayer times
15) Cranking up the music
16) Willing to be challenged and challenge others
17) Being outside
18) Trying new things
19) Travel and meet new people
20) Admire God’s creation as I run past it (including guys 😉 and places)

p.s. Today was a great run and even though I wasn’t in the mood when we started the run I was glad I did it and I felt much better afterwards!


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  1. Agreed!! We always feel so much better after our daily run or exercise. It can be so painful to start, but once you feel that fresh air and the body warms up life is good. Love your list!

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