No thanks, not today!

I have come to actually love running during this training process.  When we’ve finished a run I feel calmer, have more energy and feel proud at having accomplished something.  BUT, there are some days when running is truly the last thing I want to do!  This is when running with other people has been so helpful because every time one of us spews out one of these excuses, one of the other girls reminds us of the goal and we set out running.  If you need to workout today and you were going to use one of these excuses not to, save the excuse and get moving!

Here are some of our reasons for skipping a run…

1) I’m never going to do the whole ___ miles- so why try?
2) Okay, I’ll run BUT I’m only going to run  2 miles instead of 4… hey! at least I’m running
3) It’s too cold
4) It’s too late
5) It’s too early
6) It’s raining
7) It’s icy out
8 ) Will not running one day really make a difference??
9) My pants are too long 🙂
10) It’s snowing
11) My knee/ankle/etc.. hurts
12) Last time the work out didn’t go well (discouraged)
13) I can’t go with my friends (schedule conflicts)
14) I’m in pain
15) Self-conscience (running slow at a gym next to someone is embarrassing and usually they are skinny)
16) Seeing people you know and explaining what you’re doing (because it’s odd that I’m running)
17) I’m tired, it’s been a long day
18) I would rather…
19) Too much effort to “fit” the run in
20) On cloud 9 for reaching a goal ignoring the next one to be reached
21) My pants are too short 🙂
22) People are staring in their cars while they are at the light
23) Too hot
24) Wrong choice of clothes
25) It’s too far and I already did it one time and still have lots of time to try again before the race
26) Bathroom or no bathroom that I would use on the trail
27) Forgot ponytail holder
28) Ipod not working
29) Wet shoes
30) Grannies passing me while they are walking
31) I’m hungry



  1. Sara Garrett Said:

    agreed, these are some great excuses but do it anyway!!!

  2. Kim Moucha Said:

    SO funny and so true! it’s quite a lengthy list… and to think that we still get out there!

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