Rear in Gear Run

On March 21st we’ll be running in the Philadelphia Get Your Rear in Gear 5K.  The run travels along scenic West River Drive and recognizes survivors and honors those we have lost to colon and rectal cancer.  I am running the race in memory of my Grandpa Byma who passed away from colon cancer when I was in second grade.

I was young when my grandpa died and yet I have some great memories of him from when I was little.  We loved spending time with him in the backyard by the pepper tree.  And I have my grandpa to thank for my addiction to candy corn.  You see, he didn’t just have candy corn at Halloween, he had candy corn for us year round.  Whenever we went over to my grandparents house I can remember waiting to get to go with Grandpa to his office for the sacred candy corn.  The candy corn was stored in a box in the top drawer (where our little hands couldn’t reach on our own) of his filing cabinet.  He would open the drawer and take out two or three candy corn for each of us.  Twenty years later every time I eat candy corn I am reminded of Grandpa.

If you’d like to donate click on the link below…

Funds raised will help local efforts to raise awareness of colon and rectal cancer and positively impact screening rates.



  1. Evie Said:

    I love that photo of you and Grandpa!

  2. Amy Said:

    I had completely forgotten about that! Wow, the candy corn in the office. I remember doing stamps with Grandpa, although now I can’t figure out why that was fun!! 🙂

  3. Sara Garrett Said:

    I love grandparent memories!!

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