Crazy, but what if?

According to crazy means, “Affected with madness; insane” or “Foolish or impractical; senseless.”  And those definitions could definitely be used to describe our run this afternoon.  The temps were in the low 30’s and it was sleeting and yet Kim, Sara and I set out for our weekly Monday run.  The good news is that according to the training schedule we only needed to run two miles, but still it seemed “foolish or impractical” to be running outdoors down Kelly Drive.

But, if you look closer at the rest of the definition there are two more definitions that I think are more suitable for defining our run this afternoon.  Sure, the run could be considered crazy but only because it was, “ Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement” and we were, “ Intensely involved or preoccupied.”  That’s how I would rather define our run, as a passionate run because we are so committed to training.

Either way you define the run I was struck by a thought as we ran alongside the Schuylkill River.  What if I was as dedicated to the other areas of my life as we are to training for all of these races.  Rain, sun, snow, cold, it doesn’t matter, we stick to our schedule and train.  What if I approached my graduate school homework that same way?  What if I approached my Thirty-One business with that same passion, enthusiasm and intensity?  Those are big what if questions but I think I might take the time this week to answer them because I think the potential outcomes could be pretty amazing.



  1. Steph Joseph Said:

    I think you girls are brave & determined ~ and I’m so proud of you! You have also given me something to think about, too!

  2. Kim Moucha Said:

    We definitely are determined! We have set high standards for ourselves (races every month… and in every state!!). But what makes it so worth it and what helps out our determination is training with friends that keep you pumped. Their encouragement. Having someone to run alongside with.

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