Why I Run

Running is a great time for me to think.  I have had some of my best brainstorms and thinking sessions during a run…and today was no different!  This afternoon during my run I started thinking about why I run.  Why do I lace up my shoes and head out in the cold temperatures to run with no real destination in mind?  Because let’s be honest, sometimes when I stop and think about, it’s crazy!  So here are a few of the reasons why I run…

I run to stay sane…life is crazy and running gives me an outlet to release pent up energy from work, grad school and the rest of life

I run to develop lifelong healthy habits…I was reading an interview today with Bill Clinton in which he explained why he needed his small heart procedure last week.  During the interview he said “The root causes were the habits I acquired in my childhood.”  While I am past my childhood I want to make sure that I am continually developing healthy lifelong habits.

I run to challenge myself…I am a goal oriented person.  Having a goal in front of me keeps me motivated and on track.  Setting running goals has helped me move towards my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I run for beach season…This is me being honest, and running gives me more confidence when bathing suit season rolls around

If you run, why do you run?


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