What a difference a day makes!

This past week Philadelphia was buried beneath not one, but two blizzards!  Being snowed in made it difficult to keep on track with our training schedule so by the time we dug out on Friday I was ready to get back on track with training.  Friday was another snow day from work so I set out Friday morning for a three-mile run and discovered that this was not going to be an easy run.  My running path included traveling over snow piles, across barely shoveled sidewalks, and trying to avoid icy patches.  Staying upright throughout the run was challenging but I kept reminding myself that if I can run through these conditions, come race day I’ll be ready to go.

Friday's run through snow and ice

And then I boarded a plane to head home to California…and what a difference a plane ride makes!  When I woke up this morning and headed out for my morning run it was a different story.  For starters rather than don layer upon layer of clothes and then adding earmuffs and gloves to stay warm, I set off running in just shorts and a t-shirt!  And today’s running path included watching the waves crash onto the sand and relishing in the 75 degree temperatures.  On Monday I’ll head back to Philadelphia and training in the cold, but for today I enjoyed this beautiful run.

Saturday's run by the beach

As this training journey continues I have found that I will need to research ways to stay hydrated while I travel…any suggestions are appreciated.



  1. Kim Moucha Said:

    I am so envious of Julie’s trip to California and her running on the beach in the warm weather. While Julie was in California, I headed to my parent’s house in East Stroudsburg. While dodging piles of snow and watching out for black ice, I was excited for the spring months. Knowing that I can run in the cold, snowy weather makes it easier to run in the upcoming months.

  2. Sheila Said:

    i am sad that i did not make this post, seeing as i did join you on your glorious run in HB 🙂

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