The journey begins

2009 was a difficult year for me health wise including a couple of surgeries and time spent in the hospital at the end of the year because air was leaking out of my airways.  So in January my New Year’s resolution was to have 2010 be a healthier year for me.  I joined a great Twitter challenge (thanks #10in10) to help keep me on track but I knew that wasn’t enough.  I knew that for 2010 to be healthier I would need a support system…and that’s where my amazing friends come in.

All five of us volunteer together in downtown Philadelphia at the Helping Hands Rescue Mission and as our friendships have moved beyond the Mission they have also grown and deepened.  So at the beginning of the year we decided that we wanted to run a 5K together at the end of March.  We all committed to training for different reasons, but we’ve committed to doing this together.  Kim has taken this on as a personal change to show herself that she can consistently train.  Anna is excited that since we’ve begun training she has worked up to being able to run 1 1/3 miles straight..something she had never done before!  Cecily didn’t think her body was capable of doing something like this and so she committed to training to push her body to do something she didn’t think she could do.  Sara needed to make a change in her lifestyle habits becoming healthier as she has a history of cancer in her family.

And so our training begun.

And training with friends has made it so much better!  In fact we have enjoyed training so much that we have made a list of races, including a 10-mile run in Philly, a 10K race this summer, a 5K in NYC this fall and a half-marathon in LA in October, that we are challenging ourselves to compete in this year.  How amazing will it be at the end of the year when we can say that we know we are taking the best possible care of our bodies…and that we’ve done it together!

And so this is a chance to share our journey with others…our journey as we run in below freezing temperatures, log hundreds of training miles, travel the country to different races and strengthen our friendships.



  1. Sheila Said:

    ooh, i’m excited to follow and support this journey!

  2. Kim Moucha Said:

    In our first months of training, I have discovered how much I love running outdoors. I never thought running in the snow on Kelly Drive would be so beautiful and peaceful! I never realized the comfort in running with someone, or randomly seeing someone else running, who you know is running for the same cause and purpose… getting to finish line and high five-ing each other! Ah- such a great feeling!

  3. Steph Joseph Said:

    Jules, This is great! I am so proud of you! If anyone can do this you can! Keep up the great work!

  4. E Said:

    I had no idea! I’m so amazed by you girls! YOU CAN DO IT! 5K’s a great and you will meet great amazing people there. I was suppose to start my daily run last week and I chickened out. Now that I know you are training I’m going to have to step-up to the challenge as well! Let me know what you are training for in July/August and I will def be apart of it when I get home. YOU GO GIRLS!!! SO proud of you! Love and miss you all lotz!

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